Workshop : China's rise - a global issue

Publié le 27 février 2024

Une journée d’études organisée par Emilie Frenkiel, Directrice adjointe du Lipha

Workshop : China's rise - a global issue
Workshop : China's rise - a global issue

du 29 février 2024 au 1 mars 2024

IEP Fontainebleau - UPEC
10 rue du Docteur Clément Matry
77300 Fontainebleau
Room XI


  • 29th February
10h Emilie Frenkiel
Introducing words

10h15 Anna Shpakovskaya (political science, Duisburg University, Germany)
To invest or not to invest in Europe. How Chinese companies see the environment in North Rhine-Westphalia.

11h10 Chunyu Shi (administration studies, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China)
Mode of Governance, Policy Capacity and Urban village Redevelopment in China

12h Sana Ho (anthropology/sociology, Soochow University, Taïwan)
The controversies over China-South Korea relation in popular culture

14h Nanzhi Wei (sociology, Chinese academy of social sciences, China)
China’s rise – a challenge for the US

15h Simeng Wang (sociology, CNRS, France)
Exhibiting East Asian migrations to France to fight against discriminations
  • 1st March
10h Elise Launay (China studies, France)
Foreign-Related Rule of Law 涉外法治, or the expansion of China’s global outreach

11h Juliette Genevaz (political science, Lyon 3 University, France)
China in the international system of standardization

12h Fong-ming Yang (sociology, Taylor’s University, Malaysia)
Becoming non-Chinese: the transformation and identity of Taiwanese cuisine and entrepreneurs in France

14h Yunyun Zhou (sociology, University of Oslo, Norway)
Theorizing illiberal state feminism: Institutional dilemmas and political parallelism in China’s gender governance

15h Emilie Frenkiel (political science, UPEC, France)
The politics of translating “deliberative democracy” into practice in Mainland China

15h45 Conclusion