Publié le 13 novembre 2019

Un ouvrage de Corine Pelluchon, professeure de philosophie à l’Upem, chercheuse au Lipha


le 21 février 2019

La présentation de l'Editeur :
In this original and important book, Corine Pelluchon argues for nothing less than a new social contract that does justice to the biosphere, to all life, especially other animals, as well as human life, and to future generations. On the basis of a phenomenology of food and nourishment, she shows how freedom depends on the love of life and on sharing what nourishes with others. Corine Pelluchon also takes up the practical challenge of reimagining democratic institutions to sustain this ethics of life. Anyone interested in questions of justice and environmental or food ethics should read this book.

L'éditeur :

Nombre de pages : 416

Editeur : Bloomsbury Academic

Langue : Anglais

ISBN-10 : 135007389X

ISBN-13 : 978-1350073890